What is Revive ProCare Co. stock symbol?

Our stock is traded on the OTCQB under the symbol: RVIV

Where and when was Revive ProCare Co. incorporated?

Revive ProCare Co. was incorporated in the state of Delaware in 2015

When did Revive ProCare Co. become a public company?

Revive ProCare’s Initial Public Offering was on July 12, 2018

Where is Revive ProCare Co. located?

9480 Telstar Avenue.
Unit 5
El Monte, CA 91731

When is Revive ProCare Co. fiscal year end?

Revive ProCare Co.’s fiscal year ends on May 31st

Who is Revive ProCare Co. outside legal counsel?

Loeb & Loeb LLP (NY)
10100 Santa Monica Blvd.
Suite 2200
Santa Monica, CA 90067

Who is Revive ProCare Co. Auditors / Accounting firm?

Salberg & Company, P.A.
2295 NW Corporate Blvd.
Suite 240
Boca Raton, FL 33431-7328

Who is Revive ProCare Co. Transfer Agent?

West Coast Stock Transfer Inc.
Transfer Agent
721 N. Vulcan Ave.
First Floor
Encinitas, CA 92024

Who is the contact for Investor Relations at Revive ProCare Co?

Lucas A. Zimmerman
Senior Vice President
MZ Group – MZ North America