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REVIV3 Procare Company (OTCQB: RVIV), an emerging global consumer products company manufactures hearing protection, hearing enhancement, hair, and skincare products. Our audio innovation products are sold under the AXIL brand serving the sporting goods market, fitness, military, law enforcement, industrial, sporting, and stadium events. Our retail partners include Walmart, Midway USA, Cabela’s, Bass Pro, and hundreds of others.

The company has been a hair and skin personal care products company that relied heavily on retail distributions in 2019, and has successfully pivoted to a more direct to consumer DTC online model since the onset of COVID-19 and well into 2021. Earlier this year, Revive made a transformational move to acquire Axil, an innovation-focused hearing device company that features all-in-one hearing protection and enhancement bluetooth lifestyle audio products, and has significantly scaled its revenue base. Now with 200 SKU’s across hair/skin care and hearing device products, the company is on track to deliver $8 million in revenue in the first half of 2023, from an annual run rate of ~$1 million pre-acquisition. (Note that the company has an August fiscal year end and $8 million half year revenue is management’s projection.)

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Founded on the growing need for a safe, effective, and chemical-free hair maintenance solution, REVIV3 Procare works with the natural composition of your hair follicles to prevent thinning, breakage, and hair loss.


AXIL Operates with a Clear Vision Forged from its 64 Year Legacy in Helping People with All Their Hearing Needs. AXIL is the World Leader in Developing the Most Cutting Edge Hearing Solutions for Your Greatest Hearing Performance and Enjoyment in Any Environment.